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  • Rajeev
    06-05 12:55 PM
    Hello Folks

    I am in NJ and my current H1b expires on Nov 2008. My DL expires on Set 2008 . I was under impression that I need atleast 6 months or more valid visa to get licence.

    Company didnot agree to file premium process for H1b. They are saying I have plenty of time and they will apply in Aug . I and we know that now a days it takes more than 3-4 months to get visa.

    Is there a way I can get temporary lic in Nj. lawer was saying I can request 3 month temp lic beased on Notice received from CIS. Is that true ? does any one gone through same in NJ ?


    My understanding is that NJ adds 3 months to your visa expiry date for DL. You should get a DL valid till Feb 2009. I am not sure about 6 months validity rule. Check their web site.

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  • mirage
    07-07 10:25 AM
    Let the flowers reach them; let the suitors file the suit. But don't you think we should start a 'Seek information' campaign. Each of us write letters and faxes to DOS and USCIS and request them for this.

    In May'07 the DOS moved forward the visa dates by 2 years for almost all categories. Now since USCIS have already receipted (or will soon do it) all the June applications, they should be in a position to release the information on how many applications they received for each category and for each country. We will request both the agencies to work together and release some kind of statistics some predictions like what they expect for Sept visa bulletin and further. We are living in dark and information like this will give us some insight and will let us plan our careers.

    Guys please think about this seriously, I think this is the need of this hour.


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  • ras
    10-18 08:56 AM
    You got to see it to believe.

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  • sss9i
    03-01 12:18 AM
    My attorney filed for H1B extension.
    Unfortunately, by mistake LCA stating dates from 07/31/2007 to 07/30/2010.
    but I am only qualify upto 06/30/2010 as per 6 year H1B limit.
    Atty, told me that 1-129 going to file upto 06/30/2010.
    Is it o.k.
    I will appreciate your input!
    Thank you


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  • kirupa
    09-08 01:04 PM
    Visual Studio 2005 is the IDE - an application that allows you to create other applications. Silverlight is a target runtime much like WinForms, WPF, etc. You can use VS 2005 - albeit a bit hackishly - to create projects that allow you to create outputs for all three.

    Based on your code, is this a application?

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  • jthomas
    04-17 12:53 AM

    I hope that they dont revoke my 140.
    I didnt understand the 4th point.

    Thanks for reply

    4. If possible try to be in company's payroll till you complete 180 days after I-140 approval by taking a vacation.


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  • sroyc
    08-03 03:09 AM
    It's interesting that people rely on consultants and body shoppers to enter this country and then curse them.
    I doubt that so many people would have entered the US if it hadn't been for these very consultants and body-shoppers. Everyone knows that they pay less and take a cut of the salary. People curse them all the time and yet when it's convenient, they'll use them to get things like H1B application, labor substitution, etc. done.

    I am on an H-1B visa I had a confusion regarding my wife's case. She is on H4 visa and her H4 visa was extended to September, 2009 when I changed my employer (XXX) last year. However, her passport carries H4 visa which expires in Oct. 2007 (this was through my previous employer, YYY). Both our I-485 are pending and we both received our EAD last month. She wants to use her EAD to work in future.

    A twist is that a consultant had filed for her H-1B this April and we don't know if her H-1B came through or not. He is not telling us. We just don't want to deal with that scumbag. Can we just ignore him and forget about it? Since her I-485 is pending she has a lawful status (Pending AOS), right? Please let me know what you think.

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  • gc??
    05-04 12:58 PM
    Why does a PERM get audited? There are many threads regarding perm audits and denials.. thanks


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  • bathuzp
    03-16 06:39 PM
    Hello everyone,

    It is extremely unfortunate but I have lost my green card. I can�t seem to find it anywhere. I know that it has not been stolen, just lost! I need to apply for a replacement green card ASAP. I need to submit some initial documents along with my I-90 form for it. I have been trying to search on the internet regarding it but I can�t seem to find a clear answer.

    Long story short, could somebody please tell me what initial documents are there to submit along with my I-90 form? I have a copy of my original green card, but is there anything else required? Am I required to submit my photos along with my form?

    I would highly appreciate if someone could reply to my queries ASAP.

    Thank you very much in advance.

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  • rajkumar_engg
    05-29 10:36 PM
    USCIS record shows my entry year 2003 but actual year is 2005, so they came back saying 6 years is complete. Lawyer provided all the documents to prove I am here only from 2005...

    Still waiting...


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  • Blog Feeds
    11-13 04:10 AM
    In response to the major delays with Labor Condition Applications (LCA's), the USCIS announced a temporary policy and procedural change regarding H1B petition filings. Effective November 5, 2009, H1B cases can be filed prior to the certification of the required Labor Condition Application (LCA). This change was necessitated by delays in LCA processing through the Department of Labor (DOL).

    Here is how the new process will work. USCIS will begin to accept H-1B ( petitions filed with uncertified LCAs for a 120-day period, commencing November 5, 2009 and through March 4, 2010. However, USCIS will only accept such H-1B petitions if they are filed at least 7 calendar days after the LCAs were filed with DOL and include evidence of these filings. The only acceptable evidence of filing is a copy of DOL�s email giving notice of receipt of the LCA.

    Petitioners who seek to take advantage of this temporary flexibility in the normal filing procedures for H-1B petitions must wait until they receive a request for evidence (RFE) before they submit the DOL-certified LCA to USCIS in support of the H-1B petition. USCIS will give petitioners a period of 30 calendar days within which they must send in a DOL certified LCA in response to the RFE. We welcome this new procedure and hope that it will expedite current H1B processing.

    Read the USCIS memo here (

    More... (

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  • sheela
    08-11 01:02 PM
    Are you 16 or under? Were you applying with your parents? oh, i signed for my daughter aged 16


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  • godbless
    01-16 02:02 PM
    I need some information too. While flying from USA to India with a stop over at Heathrow, London would I need a transit visa? Please inform as I have to make my reservation today itself due to some emergency back home. Thanks in advance.

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  • amsgc
    06-13 09:14 PM

    Thanks FactoryMan. I had a similar question. My thought is that if the spouse is a dependent, then it shouldn't matter what status s/he is, as long is it is legal.

    The next question is, suppose we apply for EAD, but the spouse's current student status expires before receiving the EAD, do they fall out of status?



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  • ivrocks10
    02-13 09:30 AM
    Hi everyone
    started following IV after my friend told me about it. got some useful info and really admire the time members put to answer queries. this is my post and I hope I get some info here. my hubby is looking to relocate to south FL so we both can live and work in same place. he did get couple offers - one from a insurance firm and another from a software company - Citrix. looks like first one will only do EB-3 although the position requires 5+ years exp. does anyone know if Citrix does GC under EB-2 ?

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  • Motivated
    11-15 12:27 PM
    The town we are in only has a community college only, my spouse is an engineer and they have nothing to offer... Small town restricts her chances to be hired on H1 too.

    Biggest reason for taking up the new job is to be able to access the above options.....:(


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  • Prashanthi
    07-30 06:00 PM
    I am going to complete my 6th year on H-1b, this year end. My I 140 is cleared and I am going to file for 3 years extension. In the beginning of this year, for 3 months pay stubs are not run, due to some personal reasons. Will this affect my renewal of H1. We need to submit 3 pay stubs, before applying for extension. There will be a shortfall of YTD, when compared to actual. Please share your thoughts, who have clear understanding on these. thanking you.

    Will be a problem if they notice, hopefully they will overlook this. As per the Law you have to be on the payroll at all times unless the company has granted you unpaid leave for a very valid reason such as medical emergency etc.

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  • lonelystar
    10-01 03:44 PM
    I filed the 485 for my wife and myself along with the forms for AP and EAD to the Phoenix lockbox by the 1st week of September and I have not received the receipt notice. The check also has not been cashed so far. I am not sure if I still have to wait or just panic. The customer service wants me to wait for little longer. My priority dates are current now and don't want to wait for another 30 days to realize that my application was lost in the mail room.
    I have a delivery notice confirmation from UPS.
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thank you

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  • vishwasc
    10-03 01:41 AM
    I received an RFE for my Birth Certificate as the Originals were not available as it was submitted to the school during admissions and when i spoke to them they said that we cannot issue you the original certificate. So i went to my native and requested the Municipal to issue me a BC and they agreed and issued me a copy with all the details but the certificate was dated March 2009 as the issuing date which was not accepted by the USCIS and they sent me a RFE for my birth certificate.

    I have read the posts on this forum but none of them relates to my issue. I have a duplicate copy issued by the Municipal Authority which contains the seal and signature of the authorized gazetted officer. This is the same certificate which was submitted to the embassy and based on which i received my K1 Visa. What should i do? Please this is very very urgent as i have to submit the RFE by end of this month. Can i just submit a letter with 2 affidavit's from my family explaining to them that in India you don't receive birt certificate back from school or the graduation certificates do not contain your parents name and place of birth.

    what is my best way to tackle this Rfe?


    08-07 09:47 PM
    Hi Guys,
    I have few questions.
    I applied my Greencard under EB-3 Category and my labour was approved on Jul'2007. My priroity date is 25th June'2007.
    Applied I140 & I485 concurrently and I140 was approved on Sep2007. Both myself and my wife got EAD's. Currently my wife is on EAD and still I am on H1-B.

    Now I got another offer from fortune consulting company and I am planning to shift by using H1B transfer.

    Steps to take care
    Offer letter should contain same job title and same job duties. What else do I need to take care?

    Some of my friends told not to submit AC21 and some of them told me to submit AC21 without fail.

    Can my company withdraw my approved I140(was approved 2007) is it possible to do that?

    Please let me know. I am in a very confused state weather to accept new offer or not.

    Appreciate your comments.

    06-04 01:45 PM
    I guess we should ask them to remove the employer's restriction, which is the prime reason for extreme exploitation. H1b should not be restricitive. IV should also address the same. We are looking at the current problem with retrogression only, but what about future aspirants who come on H1.

    H1B quota and H1B related issues are not primary concern of this organization. Greencard retrogression is. It has been that way since the inception 18 months ago.

    We have taken positions to make H1B more workable and have less restrictions on it regarding H1 extensions and H1 transfers and therby opposed major portions of Durbin-Grassley.

    HOwever, right now is not the time to debate and have open discussion on flaws of H1B program.

    This is distraction at minimum and ammo for anti-groups in worst case scenario. Please contribute, send webfaxes, make phones and provide live updates and save this discussion on H1B flaws for slower times.

    Reacent Post


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