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  • invincibleasian
    02-21 12:26 AM
    invincibleasian :

    Could you please share your experience with FOIA application for I-140. Did you finally get the copy ?
    Also, what all document you need to apply for it ?

    I am planning to do that since my employer denied me for getting I-140 copy.

    Appreciate your resposne.

    Fill out the G-639 form and follow the instructions. Write a covering note clearly indicating the documents yu need and include information like lin numbers etc if available. get it notarized and mail it to the address in the instructions. yu recv a application recvd note within 20 buss days. this contains a number which you can use to track yur request. I am still waiting for my request to be completed since it has been placed on the complex track!

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  • pa_arora
    07-16 01:18 PM
    I liked ur signature...BTW what country r u from?

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  • asanghi
    02-26 02:48 PM
    No need for AP. If someone mails him the GC, he can get back to the U.S. with it.

    Please recheck your info before dispensing advice. Adjustment of Status application is based on premise that you are already present in USA. At the time approval, you should be present in USA. Thus the need for AP. If your Green card AOS application has been approved while you are out of country. You NEED AP to enter.

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  • Ramba
    12-22 07:13 PM
    If a person has filed I-485 at least 6 months back and got laid off from job,
    How much time does the rule permit to find another similar job and use AC 21.

    Is this similar to H1B grace period or say no grace period.


    Unlike H1B, at the time of layoff, if 485 is pending more than 6 months, you are still in legal status, (in h1b case there is no grace period). There is no time limit to find a similar job. You can stay at home for till your 485 approval, with legal status. Having said that, if INS asks for a eveidence of full time-permanat job you should be in a postion to show the job offer. In simple terms, tou should have a vaild job offer at the time of approval of your 485.


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  • CADude
    01-12 01:20 PM
    This is illegal to send passport across country. Talk to Attorney. I will suggest for India trip, if required or notirized copy of passport.

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    10-15 04:52 PM
    I understand this is not a valid thread to be in this forum. In past I have seen similar post(ex: "Is it a good time to buy house in India"), I would not have posted this today.

    There is no personal comment here. This is forum, people get together and talk. At least on this forum, we need to just keep in mind that the energy and concentration should be on immigration issues. The other post you mention is also equally wrong. Somehow most of the time this is voluntary action and its our responsibility to maintain this. By the way, investopedia is one the best sites.


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  • Appu
    04-17 06:13 PM
    This is no big deal. This has nothing to do with H1B's - its about CIR and minimum wage. Remember that Sen Kennedy is 100% behind the SJC and the Hagel-Martinez bills. Here's the email with additional details - I didn't post this before because it is somewhat partisan and attacks republicans.

    Dear [Appu],

    As you may have seen and heard in news reports, Senator Kennedy has been at the forefront of immigration reform. He's built a bipartisan coalition around a tough but fair approach to repairing our broken immigration system.

    On Monday hundreds of thousands of people in cities across the country joined together in a "National Day of Action for Immigrant Justice." In our nation's capital, more than 200,000 people gathered on the Mall. It was an amazing event, and the crowd went wild when Senator Kennedy took the stage and said "It is time for Americans to lift their voices now -- in pride for our immigrant past and in pride for our immigrant future. Are you with me?"

    Judging by the roar of the crowd, they are indeed with Senator Kennedy. Now you have a chance to show your support for this important measure -- and join the fight for justice for all working Americans:

    The facts are clear: 63% of Americans believe that immigrants who have lived in the country for a certain period of time should be able to go through the process of obtaining citizenship. But the out-of-touch Republican Congress wants instead to turn these would-be citizens into criminals. And any American who assists them in any way, even priests, would become criminals too.

    Republican leaders claim tough enforcement is all that's needed. That's preposterous. Senator Kennedy supports strong enforcement, too, but fairness is equally important.

    Republicans claim they value hard work. Where have they been during Senator Kennedy's efforts to raise the minimum wage for millions of hard-working Americans? What have they done to ensure every American worker has access to good health care? How have they protected Social Security for retired American workers?

    Enough is enough. Will you join us and fight to ensure that our country values hard work? Please answer with your signature:

    This year, more than 45,000 of you endorsed Senate Resolution 350, rejecting President Bush's assertion that he was authorized to spy on Americans without a warrant. You also stood with Senator Kennedy to fight for stem cell research that holds such great promise for millions suffering from debilitating diseases.

    We can't keep ignoring the worsening hardship for our nation's hardest working men and women. I hope you'll tell Senator Kennedy loud and clear you stand with him in this ongoing battle for all working families:

    Yours for a stronger and fairer America,

    Marty Walsh
    Campaign Manager
    Kennedy for Senate

    P.S. The full text of Senator Kennedy's speech at the immigration rally is on our website -- I hope you enjoy it:

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  • h1-b forever
    04-22 08:33 AM
    small correction:
    president is not a member of the congress and neither are the judges (separation of powers)

    you are right we may sue congress but to win that is much much tough as even the judge is been appointed by the president which i guess is a member of congress :) but one can certainly try.


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  • pappu
    08-22 04:12 PM

    Thanks for your kind reply. I am new to Buffalo, NY. Just moved from California. I dont know much ppl here. There is lots of indian community here but dont know why none is responding. If I can find one guy also I can book a car and drive there for rally.

    Please send emails to your Univ. association email list. get in touch with your town's associations.

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  • chem2
    07-21 01:23 PM
    i posted the following on another thread back about a month ago. hopefully it will help you. haven't recd any soft or hard luds since the fingerprinting, though.

    guys, until yesterday, i was in the same boat as all of you.
    i-140/485/131/765 concurrently filed with tsc in Aug 2007. recd receipt notices, ead and ap without any problems in oct and nov 2007, but no fingerprint notices. called uscis couple of times (didn't open any sr's though), got standard response- application is under review, you'll be sent notices as part of the review process, don't ask when.
    asked lawyer why no biometrics and he said that a lot of their clients have not recd theirs, but they were starting to see some come through (this was back in feb 2008). i also asked lawyer if it was advisable to contact local congressman/ senator for help and he advised against it, apparently if your file is with an io and your congressman/ senator sends a query, uscis has a limited amount of time to respond and the file is typically pulled from the io (don't know if i believe this, but that was the line i was fed).

    finally got fed up and contacted local congressman's office; no help there either, got canned response from tsc- we recd x million applications last july and august and are trying to work through them.
    then last month, i asked my senator's office to find out what was going on. this time i got a reponse back from tsc saying that they would send out notices shortly, if they hadn't done so. lo and behold, a week after receiving the tsc response from my senator's office, both my spouse and i recd fingerprint notices, which we completed yesterday.


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  • BMS1
    07-19 10:22 AM
    My understanding is that to file for I-485 one needs to be in valid non-immigrant status (which your spouse does not have as of july 17th). After a valid I485 filing, there is a relief of 180 days as per 245(K). I could be wrong. It was a serious mistake not to have filed before July 16th. But nevertheless worth a try. If USCIS does not reject the filing, you need to be careful, not to let your spouse stay inside US beyond 180 days counting from July 16th. Since at a later stage, should the application be denied,a lot more can go wrong.

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  • angelfire76
    12-07 05:21 PM
    Maybe the definition of project managers varies by company. Most PMs I know have maybe around 6-7 years of work experience and I definitely wouldn't classify them as executives or even say that their employment is in the National Interest.

    However I do know of some cases where doctors have got NIW based on practicing in an under-served (rural?) area.

    Is there a way to prove that one who created a suite of applications without which a business unit will stop functioning comes under National Interest?
    Just a thought.


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  • larun
    02-04 08:57 AM

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  • Jeff Wheeler
    11-30 01:11 AM
    why would flash people move on to flex ? That makes no sense at all.

    Either you have no idea what you're talking about, or you think you do, but you really don't.

    Is this directed at me?


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  • rakeshverma72
    03-30 12:44 PM
    PD: 06/26/2006
    Category: EB2
    I140 Approved: 02/14/2006
    485 Filed: 07/02/2007 (NSC) -- Pending
    H1-B:- 9th year expiring on May 26th 2010
    EAD:-Valid till 09/2/2010
    AP:- Valid till 09/2/2010

    I work for big consulting firm - Lockheed Martin. Where they have different business groups under different VP. And Pretty much my project works as it's own company. And I try to maintain both H1-B and EAD(AP) valid.

    While filing my Green card I was filed under Lockheed Martin-Federal(Subsidiary of Lockheed Martin) and also I got my H1-B approved in May 2007(Valid until May 2010) under Lockheed Martin-Federal. End of 2008 my business unit's VP changed and so the name of Subsidiary with different FEIN and from September 2008 I work for Lockheed Martin-S&L(Subsidiary of Lockheed Martin). So for the year 2008 I got two W2 one from Lockheed Martin-Federal and another from Lockheed Martin-S&L. As I was working for Lockheed Martin and the same project since I have filed my Green Card; I never thought my case would be of any issue.

    But after reading about AC-21 I have following questions from the community

    1) In case above, do I need to file for AC-21. Or will I be okay at the time of my Green Card approval.

    2) I have travel plans in the month of June 2010 to Europe. Should I worry about re-entering US with AP.

    3) My lawyer is applying for H1-B under new companies name, do you think my H1-B will get approved with the new company name.

    Thanks a lot

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  • Mahatma
    08-13 04:26 PM
    I am saying this without much research BUT I do recollect rave reviews about VDL Rao.

    In past, Googler, Conshell etc. have done a good job of investigative journalism (name check memo and other critical updates). Discovering VDL rao would be blessing for some sort of hunch on Visa number availability. He has apparently commanded our respect.

    Some guesstimate is better than utter confusion.

    We need you Mr. Rao. Help us in our journey from darkness to light.... an eventual green light!


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  • Prasad_FL
    08-05 12:03 PM
    Last year I renewed my passport in Houston thru usps mail. They took 5 weeks for me. Even if you go in person, they would take 2 days for processing. Check with the consulate.

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  • aa_ke_phas_gaya
    06-24 06:13 PM
    Remember you are bonded labor if you are on H1B or Work Permit. They will use you & your illegal brothers every election year and this is one of those years ..... everything is chatter until something heppens.

    Don't get your hopes high.... just get your head down and work for them.

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