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  • roseball
    11-14 10:49 AM
    I need a immigration lawyer whom I can consult today, It is an emergency case and need his help immediately.

    Can anyone please suggest me a lawyer in Dallas, TX who works today (Saturday) to get help.

    Help highly appreciated.

    You can contact the office of Sherin Thawer (Dallas Family Law Attorneys | Dallas Business Law Attorneys | The Law Offices of Sherin Thawer, P.C. (http://www.thawerlaw.com)). I never dealt with her personally and I dont know how good or bad she is but just giving her reference as I always hear her on the local desi radio and their offices are open on Saturdays.

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  • sohilbt
    09-03 03:47 PM
    Yes. I did contacted both Kerry and Brown's office last month (July end) for my EAD renewal application.

    Both office staff were very receptive. Brown office has more than one person working on immigration matter....and I believe they were first to act on my case. I got EAD approval 4 days later.

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  • sxk
    09-14 07:22 PM
    I applied for I 485 , AP and EAD during 07 July. I got a fp notice back in 2007 and I got another one two weeks ago. I went ahead and did my bio-metrics over the weekend at TSC Application Support Center.

    Does this mean that somebody has looked into my file and pre adjudicated it? or is it a automated thing and does not mean anything?

    Please advice!

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  • willIWill
    06-08 03:00 PM
    I am bumping this poll up again so that it gets more visibility now as many folks are trying to check for VB updates.

    I believe there are a chunk of folks in option number '3' or '4'. This poll may help to understand how significant the numbers are. Also if anyone in that boat, add your inputs.


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  • bombaysardar
    07-08 06:30 PM
    I have heard about many COS applications getting approved, so you have a good chance.
    The only thing I would recommend is make sure your H4 is valid for a relatively long time going forward. This will ensure that even if F1 COS does not get approved you atleast are in status throughou the process.

    This is because sometimes the processs can take a long time eg. My spouse's COS from H4-F1 never got approved (name check etc etc took 2+ years), so we withdrew after the completion of the degree. Meanwhile the H4 had expired, creating complications.

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  • vivache
    11-08 12:33 PM
    Hi there.
    I plan to go on vacation in Dec to Peru.
    I also need to get my h1 stamped.
    Has anyone stamped from Peru or some South American country?

    Can you let me know if any issues.
    The embassy has a number that gives access to a service where I can schedule an appointment .. but does not allow me to speak to anyone.


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  • senk1s
    10-30 11:40 AM
    Did you apply thru an attorney - they must have got a copy as well

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  • irukandji
    02-12 09:55 AM
    Thanks fromnaija, If she maintains any non-immigrant visa she can be added without any 'follow-to-join' petetion right i.e., she can be added to my 485 just like the normal process when my PD becomes current.


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  • ndev2k
    12-08 04:52 AM

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  • mayhemt
    05-01 08:50 AM
    For that matter, even Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy come in illegals... They work here without proper authorization. Worse, NORAD tracks Santa Claus with tax payer dollars without arresting Santa....


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  • wwwwww
    03-28 02:46 PM
    Bush said he wants to improve the working visas, I think the prority needs to offer to Canadians because Canadinas use the same language and education system, the distance is closer. We need to call all the senetors, the working visas.etc. need to go to Canadina citizens first.

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  • jediknight
    05-11 08:39 PM
    Jon Stewart, who knows a thing or two about irony, will create a two-hour special on a perfect target�the U.S. naturalization process�for History Channel, to air in the fourth quarter.

    The Naturalized, to be produced by Busboy, Stewart's company, follows eight individuals through the bureaucratic morass of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The special will also include interviews with undocumented and deported illegal immigrants.

    If we can contact busboy productions with our stories to make sure that atleast of one of the eight individuals is someone who is stuck in this EB backlog.

    Here is Jon's contact info at the daily show thedailyshow@comedycentral.com
    It would be great if someone can find the contact info for busboy productions too.

    Also, Please send email to the Daily Show and/or Colbert report to interview someone like Vivek Wadhwa to explain to their viewers the how this behavior hurts America.


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  • braindrain
    02-11 03:36 PM
    US Congress has time for all this


    atleast they have something good to talk about India...:)

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  • sdudeja
    04-18 10:45 PM
    I found out that it was RFE to get me credentials evaluations and copies of degrees. My employer has already sent those. Thanks for the response though.


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  • sdrblr
    10-21 11:59 AM
    They dont as long as they stay with in the airport and have connecting flight the same day

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  • rajmirk
    05-19 06:38 PM
    Not sure about the first question. SKIL bill will exempt any advanced degree from US or Advanced degree in STEM from outside + 3 Years. PACE, TALENT and the current CIR only exempt STEM Advanced degree + 3 Yrs
    I am not totally sure. I recall reading one amendment where they mentioned 203(b) in conjunction with this - which means EB2 qualification.


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  • theshiningsun
    12-14 08:27 PM
    hi attorneys,

    i hv an approved I-140 thru employer A (my current employer). so i am eligible for 3 yrs H-1B extension. the I-140 was approved more than 6 months ago.

    once my H-1B extn is approved for 3 yrs, i want to xfr my H-1B to employer B. in that case, if employer A revokes the I-140, then what happens to my H-1B extn? does that become null and void?

    pls. note that I-485 is not filed, so i cannot invoke AC-21.

    thx in advance,

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  • austingc
    05-06 01:35 PM
    Yes - as long as your 485 is pending and you have a US address to receive the card.
    So in this case, the person should send the documents from India, correct? One of the requirement was I-94 card. How will we provide that if you are out of the country? What to say for Last Entry?

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  • sgorla
    06-21 03:19 PM
    My attorney sent me G-325A to fill up. It has 4 similar pages, where you need to enter your information. Now, my question is do I need to fill out all four pages with my information, and then fill out another 4 pages with my wife's info?

    Please advise me if anyone has filled out thi s form.


    01-25 09:35 AM
    My wife's online status shows an RFE being issued. It has been more than 10 days but we are yet to receive it? Is this normal?

    04-10 10:52 PM
    Hi! I need a help.. and I mean HELP. Cause my gc is still pending. we (my family & i) are still waiting for it to come and my problem is that I am planning to go back to my country to study college in there.. Classes will start on the first week of June, and i guess that I cannot wait for my green card to come. My questions are:
    1. Can I use my H4 visa (that had been issued in US embassy in my country of origin) to leave US?
    2. Do I still need to get AP?? Even if I am a dependent of my parent?
    3. Incase our (family) GC arrived in our house here in the US, can they just go home in our country of origin with the green card? (my greencard?)
    4. Can I use my green card (brought by my parents from US) to enter back to US???

    thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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