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  • raysaikat
    08-08 10:42 PM
    Please help ....

    You need ask in some other forum. This forum is only for employment based immigration.

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  • nixstor
    07-27 03:58 PM
    Unless it is a software error from the Joomla software, whats the point in having 4 threads on this?

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  • vkishore123
    07-21 09:01 PM
    Thank you Sir,

    Do you think if she cancels her interview, she can go to the interview again after sometime, without affecting her future prospects of getting a GC.

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  • PDOCT05
    09-30 12:04 PM
    My I-140 approved from SRC and LUD on my App is 07/28. I guess all of our applications are in the same packet...that packet yet to be open.


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  • pani_6
    02-25 01:36 PM
    I have EAD and AP and expired H1-b stamp ..although h1 b is valid..can any of you tell me please if I need a Transit Visa through Frankfurt

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  • voldemar
    06-25 11:03 AM
    Can someone tell me what is a good lawyer??? I think this term is very much like good politician.. They are extinct...
    If someone using company lawyer to file I-485 and other forms, ask this lawyer will he send receipt notices to the applicant or not. Some will get answer that it's company policy not to sent anything to applicants :mad: .


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  • pdakwala
    02-28 11:01 AM
    Hello everyone,

    There is conference call on Thursday March 02, 2006 at 9.00 p.m. PST for people who are in Western part of US and in PST zone. Please join the conference call. If you don't have login and password please call us to get one.

    It is time to get up and do something for ourself instead of sitting and waiting and seeing what others are doing. There are lot of things that we have to do so please join the conference call.

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  • gveerab
    08-14 12:12 AM
    I got my EB3 I-140 approval after I applied my I-485 with later PD EB2. Our lawyer sent a letter to USCIS, but there is no confirmation from USCIS. Please let me know, if there is any way to check the PD.



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  • Mahatma
    07-25 08:36 AM
    Dear friends,

    I received card production e-mail today.

    My PD June 2007, RD Oct 2007. No REFEs. EB1 India.

    Thanks for all the help and good counsel.

    Lesson from this experience: Learn to handle delays. Take things in your stride. Do not make GC as end of your life. We can work anywhere and be happy, though US is a preferred destination.

    In this process, I made so many friends and learned to heed others views and good advice.

    Will continue to work for IV.

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  • Mahatma
    08-21 08:52 PM
    Dear lazycis,

    Thanks a lot! You are always on top of things.

    What a contrast? You are not lazy at all!

    Have a great weekend.


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  • bestin
    10-24 08:16 AM
    This is my first post and I would like to know if there will be any issue if the name on SSN & EAD not matching?

    My Name On

    FirstName MiddleName LastName

    LastName FirstName MiddleName

    Thanks and appreciate for your help in advance.

    Whats wrong with this.Ur last name is still Baru .In my old L2 EAD I see c,a b where c is my last name ,a my first name and b my middle initial.There should be a comma after your lastname in EAD card right?U r OK.

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  • quizzer
    06-25 05:27 PM
    Any recent approvals in NSC?


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  • vijay0101
    06-21 12:13 PM
    yes still labor transfer is possible ..But you have to very carefull.. you need to find what was companys financial position at that time when labor was filled. wheather you were fullfiling your experience as required in Labor at that time... and you need to check the companys situation if it is not blaclisted by DOL.

    It is just my openion you can check with attorney's.

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  • wandmaker
    05-12 12:53 PM
    Hi. I am currently here in the US applying for AOS from a B2 to F1 visa. I sent my application on the 26th April with USPS Express mail request return reciept. My current 1 94 expired on April 28th. My return receipt from USPS says that my item was signed for on April 28th leaving me still in status but when I received my I 797 C it says that the receipt date is April 29th. I am very worried and I am wondering if this is something I should call their customer services department about. I do not want my application denied simply because I may seem not to be in status. Please help, I am very worried.

    As long as you have a copy of the delivery receipt you are good and not out of status.


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  • virtual55
    07-10 09:31 AM
    Yes lets create threads as per our convenience..:mad:

    What's your problem.

    Thanks Sivakanth for your hard work

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  • yabayaba
    11-23 05:17 PM
    could you update your profile?


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  • immm
    01-14 11:03 AM
    Any suggestions?

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  • hibworker
    12-07 03:42 PM
    You don't have to leave the country if your change of status to H1 is approved with a new I-94 attached to it. However, if they approve COS without providing new I-94 then you need to immediately leave the country and re-enter with a new visa stamp.

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  • radhagd
    04-11 02:23 PM

    I have a EB3 labor and 140 approved with PD->12/2002. By 12/2002 I do have 5yrs experience but now (2007) I do have 5yrs experience and I am eligible for EB2.

    My question to the gurus is can I use my EB3 PD for EB2 with new employer and can apply for 485 which is current for 12/2002?

    yes you can apply EB2 if you have 5 yeas experience as of 2007 and can port PD.

    Also, while during this transistion/waiting for EB2 labor and 140 with the new company what happens that my previous employer cancels my GC application? Can I still use that PD ?

    According to Rajiv khanna and other lawyers it is possible. But to be on safe side do not join new company and convince new company to file labour and I140 as future employer and can join at I485 stageThanks in advance!


    06-13 04:18 PM
    I'm a July 2007 filer going to file for my EAD for the first time. Since I'm currently on H1B, how should I answer this question

    I'm applying for:
    a) Permission to accept employment
    b) Replacement
    c) Renewal of my permission to accept employment

    I think I need to go with option "c" since moving from H1B to EAD would qualify for a "c" response

    Please advise.....


    The option "a" will be used, for "c" you need previous EAD. Refer to http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?t=18737, which addresses several issues.

    11-01 01:00 AM
    You will have 10 days from day of the denial to leave the country unless you file for Motion to Reopen (MTR).

    Did you try filing another H1b through another employer after the RFE?
    If that is the case and if you have the LIN number then you may be able to continue working with your current client (if new employer and client etc are ok with it).

    If you have all the documents to go for MTR then you can go for it. I am not an attorney but this is per my knowledge.

    Good Luck :o

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