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  • gclabor07
    08-25 07:34 PM

    I am in a difficult situation. I am in my 6th year. H1B expires Feb 2008.

    My company filed labor last year November 2006 and it was denied due to some specific language missing from our application like "All suitable combination of education, training or experience" acceptable. So we ended up refiling our PERM application in July 2007 in Atlanta DOL. It has been pending since then.

    Now, because my H1B expires in another 5 months, it is absolutely necessary for me to get PERM approved, then apply I-140 using premium processing and then apply for H1B extension. Based on Atlanta DOL's speed, I'm hoping my labor may get approved in October or November. Last year, when I changed my company, I didn't anticipate that my labor will get denied and on top of that USCIS will suspend I-140.

    Does anyone have any insight on when premium processing for I-140 may start again? What strategies do you offer to extend H1B?


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  • bayarea07
    07-21 09:30 PM
    A quick question for all you experts out there

    My wife is on H4 right now and I am on H1, though we got our EAD last year, but I am still using my H1 and not used my EAD yet, So is it possible to apply for Social Security for my wife, will applying for Social Security Number, considered as using EAD and H1 becomes void.
    Can anyone please reply.

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  • martinvisalaw
    01-26 05:30 PM
    I don't want to second guess the experienced lawyers. They are probably planning on mentioning an alternative educational background as acceptable, in addition to the CIS. There is a place on the PERM form for this.

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  • regacct
    05-17 09:30 AM
    Took the survey, but what is the purpose of this?


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  • desanar
    04-05 08:49 AM
    Please share as much information as you can so it will also help views of this forum.

    Is your friend working? 26 states requires SSN, if your friend is working on SSN required state, how she/he got it? Most of the RN position just required 2 year education how does the individual able to file H1B. Please try to answer as many question as you can. Thanks.

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  • ganguteli
    04-11 11:27 PM



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  • mmcmichael
    01-24 05:40 PM
    Yes, It seams to be executing the code and inserting the variables correctly. I also ran ran the microsoft net monitor. I see the first instance of each button pushed but subsequent pushes are not sending the http requests.

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  • gc_on_demand
    02-17 09:37 AM
    I had an appointment on Feb 13th at Delhi for H1b renewal. It took less than 15 min for both of us. H1b and h4 we were given special treatment because of our US citizen children. No waiting in line and even no qu from VO once he came to know about children


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  • obviously
    07-26 11:11 PM

    Recommend that we contact the Office to present our inputs on the effects of the systemic problems in the current processing system.

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  • waiting4gc02
    10-12 02:32 PM
    I know this has been asked gazillion times but jsut wanted to make sure I got it right.

    On uscis website for my I-485 it says " On June 9th we recieved you application and ........so forth.
    The date when this is done is June 13th as seen on the LUD.

    So my understanding is that my 6 months period for me to knick in the AC21 rule would be Dec'9th.

    Is this correct ??

    PD: Feb'02/EB-3/INDIA


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  • Raj Iyer
    10-07 05:14 PM

    Assuming you qualify for a green card under EB-2, your new employer should do a PERM/ apply for an I-140 , and at that time seek the priority date of the already approved EB-3 I-140.

    During all these process, make sure that you are on your H-1B.

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  • needgreen
    09-06 09:43 AM
    it is fine to have both I-485s filed and pending - generally speaking, if one gets approved, USCIS should deny the other (as a LPR you will no longer be eligible to adjust your status to lpr).

    Thank you very much for your reply. Just wanted to know what is "LPR"?


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  • ashwaghoshk
    07-27 10:00 PM
    I am from health care industry and have a bachelors degree. My GC has been initiated under Eb3 category. We do not need the PERM process so an I 140 will be filed once the prevaling wage determination is cleared by the DOL. Recently I learnt that though I have the bachelors degree it is equivalent to the masters degree of my profession. I have a document stating the same from the board who is responsible for licensing.
    My question is that since my process is already initiated in EB3 can i also start it under EB2? Do i have to withdraw the earlier EB3 if i want to proceed with EB2? Please let me know if that is allowed or not.

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  • radduri
    03-17 12:36 PM

    I would appriciate if some clarify me on the below queries.

    Here my situation is, I had a H1 approved in July 2008 and got stamped in Feb 2009. due to recission I wasn't on travel to US on my H1 status but in Nov 2009 my indian current employer asked me to travel US on business trip for 6 months but at the port of entry they gave only 3months stamp on I94 so my company applied extension for 3 months and got approved. Now my client asked me to join in his company and he is willing to take care of H1.

    So here my queries are.

    1. In my case how you want me to processed. do i need to transfer my current H1 on my client name or my client need to apply for a new h1.

    2. If he applies a new H1 then am i able to work imidiately here.

    3. if he applies for a H1 (either Transfer or New) how much time it will take to get approved. what is the best process to get approval imidiately(with in short time. becasue i have only 6 week of time to get expired my B1 I94)

    4. Is there any issues if i accept my client offer.

    Please help me to get clarify on all these issues.



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  • ivgclive
    11-01 11:16 PM
    I received an RFE for my EAD renewal.
    It says "Please submit proof that you have filed an I-485 Application"

    I have a copy of my receipt of I-485. Would that be enough to send? Why would they ask for proof of I-485? This is my second EAD renewal.

    Please let me know.

    USCIS is like a child. Just want to hear that from you saying that "I filed I-485" everytime. They belive the xerox copy of 485 you send than the information in their computer.

    Keep it as a practic to 'bold' the statement "I filed I-485" + copy of the notice everytime you communicate with USCIS.

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  • Abhishika
    12-13 06:32 AM
    Hi All,

    For the 140 appln we see that all service centers except TSC takes more than 6 months. TSC has a processing time frame of 6 months for 140
    where as NSC and CSC says they are processing 140 of Sep/jan 2006.

    We pay same fee for USCIS at all offices. This is a descrimination based on
    USCIS location. If 140 is approved and 485 is pending we have flexibility of changing the jobs.
    (ie if you had applied at NSC, then u will not get this flexibility)

    Most of the guys who applied at TSC during July 07 got the approval of 140 where as NSC and CSC are still processing 2006.
    (Mine was filed at TSC and on the 5th month got transferred to NSC.
    Now should it follow 6months of TSC processing time or go to the storage cabin and wait till the processing date at NSC comes to current?)

    So should we complain to ombudsman, to make the processing time similar at all the offices. If there is a difference of one months is OK but not more than one month.

    I would like to hear everyones opinion especially those who stuck at NSC and CSC.

    Thank You



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  • supu
    04-21 12:43 AM
    Can anyone please recommend a lawyer in Delhi for filling and helping in the I-824 or councillor processing for my Wife.
    I am looking for a lawyer , who has office in both Delhi and in USA , so they can take care of the complete process.

    I.e filing I-824 in USA and helping in india to prepare for the interview

    If not in delhi , then please recommend any where in India :)

    Also any idea , how much would it cost.

    Thanks in advance

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  • desi3933
    01-25 01:44 PM
    Hi All
    My AP document expired in NOv 2008. I traveled to India and got back in Aug 2008. The officer stamped the document and wrote paroled until Aug 2009.
    Can I travel on this document?
    Please advise.
    Thank you.


    Not a legal advice.
    US Citizen of Indian Origin

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  • EB-VoiceImmigration
    08-01 04:28 AM
    In other words, even if your education equates to a US Master's degree, you will not qualify for EB2 classification unless the empolyer can show that the job duties of the position could not be successfully performed by anyone not possessing at least a Master's degree or its equivalent.

    People(I'm not talking about thread starter.. but in general) simply think that they can file EB2 as they are over qualified for EB3 or their skills are superior etc. But they forgot the clause that their JOB(or more specifically Job duties) should also qualify for EB2.

    Thanks Ruben for information.

    09-02 02:40 PM
    Thanks for your responses.

    11-09 11:17 PM
    I appreciate it.

    Reacent Post


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