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  • mk26
    03-29 03:05 PM

    Anyone can give some input on this ?

    I have approved H1b renewal and my wife went to India and got h4 visa based on my approval, I have not stamped yet,

    since my wife already got the visa stamped, do you think I need to verify for PIMS ?
    or it should have been already verified .

    Any idea?


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  • LCSufferer
    04-16 01:31 PM

    Congrats Kapil. Our I-485 recept dates were on 04/12/2007. Prior to last month as it was UNAVAILABLE we thought we should wait for a long time to see some movement. But now that they are avaialble we are looking forward (infact when I logged onto my portfolio, which I do almost every day to see if there are any Last Update Dates) to get ours approved. But haven't had any luck thought. We also have renewed our EADs second time just got approved on 03/24/08 (recipt dates were on 02/15/08).

    Not sure if there will be any change in the LUDs on all of our cases like I40s (converted from EB3 to EB2) and on our prior H1s and I - 485s before it gets approved but just hanging in there. Hopefully I will post here some time soon about our 485 approval news.

    Any ways Congratulations and BOTTMS UP :)

    Wish you a Happy New to you and your family too.


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  • ruchi555
    03-02 01:40 AM
    Hi Gurus,
    Please advise me regarding my situation
    My current H1B expires May 1s1 and I have my H1B extension pending (in lieu of GC pending with the same company, and EAD is not an option for me because of dependents) with a fortune 500 company A, with whom I am employed. They plan to do a round of layoffs in a couple of weeks that I am sure my team is a part of.
    With the foreknowledge of pending situation, please let me know if I can validly take the following course of action.
    I am thinking that I premium process my 3 year H1extension with company A right away, then have it transferred to company B. Only problem is extension starts in a future date, ie May 1st.
    Can I get my current+extended H1B transferred to company B even before the start date of extended May1st . If I have to wait till May1st to get it transferred, does it matter that on May 1st I am not with company A anymore.

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  • smarth
    10-04 09:00 PM
    Which center did your application went? What is RD and ND?


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  • txh1b
    08-19 12:47 PM
    Will I be able to switch to company C, even if company B revokes my 3 year-H1B extension ?


    Yes, provided you apply for the tarsnfer while you are still maintaining H1b status. Your basis of 3 year extension is the I140 approval and PD not being current. It isn't that company B got a 3 year extension.

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  • salvador marley
    04-29 05:03 PM
    is it possible for kirupa to remove it?


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  • TwinkleM
    04-20 12:58 PM
    @ GreenCardLegion
    Why do you say that filing EB2 withe same company is most likely to be rejected? Is there any such clause?

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  • acecupid
    06-12 04:10 PM
    You are currently not eligible for I-140 premium processing. However, I-140 premium processing will soon be available to everyone by end of summer. This information is from recent AILA convention with USCIS and DOS officials as quoted in murty bulletin


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  • sw33t
    08-01 06:14 PM
    31 members and counting folks.

    Join now. We have students, professionals, doctors, lawyers, friends and family in this group.

    We have some exciting events including meeting with Senators and businesses to spread the message. If you can talk about your problem, we want you. If you can't, we still want you because all it takes is a flip of a switch to make you talk about your problems.

    Join now and don't be left behind.


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  • The7zen
    02-06 11:08 AM
    You are welcome. One more thing if its only B1 he cannot come in as B2 (Tourist Visa). Hope this helps. Cheers, Rayoflight

    Thanks again Rayoflight...
    just got this info from him, he has
    Visa: R
    Type/Class: B1/B2 ....looks like he should be fine.



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  • nonlimit
    02-11 11:39 AM
    Hey Alabaman,

    First of all thanks for your reply.

    No I haven't filed a tax return before, because there was no need. I started studying in August 2008 and remained most of 2009 in the US.

    2 points:

    1. So therefore I guess I'm a nonresident for 2009 (because I wasn't a lot in the US in 2008).

    But I'm a resident for 2010 (because I was in the US almost all of 2009). With 2010 I mean the tax filling I'll have to do next year.

    Am I correct with this reasoning? Does the substantial presence test only count for the next year?

    2. Is it correct, that they took 25% of my sign up bonus away? I was an F-1 all of 2009.


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  • aguada
    11-09 11:40 AM
    My case: Perm Approved, I140 approved last year, long wait for I485. I have (had) 3 years extension till 2013

    My company's lawyer was supposed to revoke H1 of say (name changed) Venkatesh Natarajan and they by mistake revoked mine because of similarity of name(Vedant Narayanan). This happened in July and got approved in August (see below for details). The day my company got to know a wrong employee's H1 was revoked they filed for reinstatement.

    Here are the chronological events

    Date on which my H1 revocation notice was sent to USCIS: 7/28/2010

    Date on which USCIS agreed to revoke my H1: USCIS says they got our letter of revocation on 8/15/2010, but their letter was dated 9/27/2010

    Date when my employer was informed by lawyer's office about revocation: 10/24/2010

    Date when my company filed for reinstatement of my H1, with pre-paid FedEx packet for USCIS to use with a reply: 10/25/2010. The USCIS has not responded to this letter.

    Currently the action being taken is that they are in a process to file a new H1B as a backup, if USCIS doesn't reply to the letter or if they say that revocation process can't be undone.

    I read about this nunc-pro-tunc provision. Do you think my new premium H1B should be filed with the nunc-pro-tunc provision? So that my new H1 is backdated from the day it was revoked.

    MurthyDotCom : Nunc Pro Tunc H1B and H-4 Cases Approved (http://www.murthy.com/news/n_nunpro.html)
    MurthyDotCom : Murthy Success Story - Previously Denied H-4 Nunc Pro Tunc & I-485 Approved (http://www.murthy.com/news/n_mssnpt.html)
    MurthyDotCom : Eligibility under Sections 245(i) & 245(k) for AOS (http://www.murthy.com/adjsta.html)

    Section 245(k)

    Section 245(k) enables a person who is adjusting status in an employment-based category (whether on the basis of a labor certification or in one of the special Green Card categories that does not require a labor certification or job offer) to adjust, even if s/he has been out of status or worked without authorization for less than 180 days. This provision does not require an immigrant petition or labor certification to have been filed on or before any particular date and there is also no penalty fee involved.

    Will this 180 days 245(k) clause help me in anyway?

    How should we tackle this situation. Is there any other options that we can try, any phone number we can call? Any way we can ask USCIS to undo the revocation? Any suggestions/pointers appreciated.



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  • dan19
    04-11 05:23 PM
    Where did you get this info. from?

    18000 change as of yesterday (April 10).

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  • onemorecame
    10-22 10:15 AM
    I got approved on Oct 20, 2010, after EVL RFE


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  • logiclife
    01-25 09:48 PM
    On behalf of core group, I apologize to you and your wife for the abusive language that someone used.

    We tried to moderate the forum posts. At any time, there are nearly 200-300 people reading the forums and nearly 20-25 posting. Its a tough thing to moderate every thread since we do this along with day-to-day fulltime jobs.

    I have to close this thread otherwise this thread will spiral into a thread war that none of us want. And we cannot have such threads continue as its embarrassing for us all.

    If you'd like, you can email me jay@immigrationvoice.org if you want to talk about this issue so that I can explain more.

    Thanks for understanding.

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  • vennella
    06-18 02:34 PM
    My husband's employer filed for green card under EB-1 (OR). I-140 got approved, I-485 is pending. I already did my fingerprinting. My husband's is scheduled for next week. We did not get EAD or AP yet.

    Meanwhile I need to travel to Europe on business. I have a valid H-1 to re-enter US. Would my AP get approved before I return to US? If so, can I still enter with my valid H-1? My husband is planning to delay his biometrics until I get back. Are there any problems with this plan? Please advise


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  • casper21
    11-07 07:42 PM
    Hi All,
    I have a situation where I can not find proper information and would like to ask all the experts in this column.
    I'm on H1B visa and have valid visa till Dec 2011. We are about to file I 140. My PD is current and I would like to do the concurrent filling. But I need to visit my home country next month for important engagement. And do not have time to get AP before I travel. I appreciate if you can find answers to my questions.

    - Can I reenter to USA on valid H1B visa when my I485 is pending (without AP)?
    - If so, Do I need to go for another visa stamping in my home country? (I have a valid visa, but was stamped in Mexico) & Will there be any issues for I485 application?

    Thank you!

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  • sunny1000
    12-18 10:52 PM
    The labor is for your future job that your company is offering (atleast technically). The LCA is based on your employer's address and NOT based on your address..As long as your employer doesn't move, it should be no problem. Of course, please check with an immigration attorney on this.:D

    My company wants me to relocate to another state. Because of which I need to re apply for new LC for green card processing. My current approved LC is EB3. My question: To be able to apply for EB2 position, can I use training & experience gained in my current company?

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  • neel_gump
    07-07 12:03 PM
    My EAD expires on 07/28/2010. My EAD renewal is currently pending (applied online on 5/18/2010 at NSC). My AP expires on 08/24/2010. I am planning to apply for AP renewal once I finish my move to new address.

    So, I really don't know which date to put. BTW, USCIS online application didn't mark that field as required.

    11-11 12:33 PM
    With the elections changing the senators..we have to contact the new senators to pass our bills..so we need to write to new and important senators to pass the Bills...I was wondering if anybody had a list of new senators and thier addresses so that we would write a letter...sign in by hand and post...I have allways seen that sending sending Fedex is better that sending 37 cents stamped letter...but at least we should send in the 37cent letter..

    Our activism will save us from this being taken up after the 2008 election!!.

    The leaders have already mentioned that they have a common ground on immigration..we just need to stir up a debate and things will pass...

    We are in the final lap..dont loose sight..!! ..IV is doing a Great Job!!

    03-25 03:16 AM
    really good expression on the face!

    Reacent Post


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