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  • Hyperized
    06-30 06:19 PM
    Cool picture.

    What type of phone do you have that has that kind of image quality?

    Exif data shows:

    HTC - MDA_compact_IV .. which is the Tmobile name for the HTC Diamond :P.
    It has a 3.2 megapixel camera. I do however believe that it doesnt really matter what camera you use, if you cant make good pictures with a pocket camera then a $2000 camera wont help either ;)

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  • akilaakka
    04-25 09:49 AM
    The president can do very little about this. Indeed he tried. It is the congress .

    Flower Tattoo With Stars. Flower Tattoos
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  • ruchigup
    08-18 11:02 PM
    This information is helpful. Thanks

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  • gene77
    07-01 11:52 PM
    Ok Guys enough "PREDECTIONS" now go to bed.

    Only the coming days will tell us what is going on and what will happen. Everything else is just hear-say.

    Go to sleep and remember that we DO have day jobs.

    Thanks eb3_nepa, I agree.


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  • lalithkx
    10-24 03:26 PM
    I have a cousin who converted EB3 to EB2 after applying for 485. He got his green card too. I think you should consult some good lawyer. But this can be done.

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  • rcauvery
    07-23 12:58 PM
    Have you received finger print requests?

    Is your PD current?

    Is the Service Center processing I 485 applications around the RD of your 485 application

    If the answer to all of the above is YES, then I was in the same boat and this is what I did

    1. Visited the local Infopass office and requested the finger printing review date and name check approval dates.

    2. Initiated an inquiry to find the cause for the delay. They take 45-60days to send a reply

    3. Contribute to IV and complete the action items requested by the core. This is the only organization who is lobbying for the legal immigrants.


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  • senk1s
    10-04 04:33 PM
    i've read that the interim EAD is discontinued until further notice.
    you may schedule an infopass appointment and they'll expedite the original app (When its pending for >90 days)

    I know a friend of mine who got EAD about 3 weeks ago(Jul 2 filer)

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  • ashiqman
    06-24 03:07 PM
    Three year extension is normally for people who are subject to ... Again since the H-1B 1 year extension is already approved, .... H1-B extension beyond 6 years, xlf14, Nonimmigrant Visas, 0, Mon Aug 14, 2006 02:49 pm


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  • moonrah
    07-27 05:41 PM
    I have ETA number for my application, is there any way to get PERM related information out of it for pending application? Is ETA number enough for AC21?

    Any help please?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • cygent
    01-26 07:16 PM
    Consider filing a complaint with AILF. But do so at your discretion, as relationships are also *VERY* important in these matters. Better not to burn to many bridges.


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  • kirupa
    02-11 01:37 AM
    What does your code currently look like?

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  • 485Question
    09-18 12:32 PM
    Feeling bad for not making it. Looking forward to see our heros pics and videos




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  • kavas
    03-28 09:38 PM
    Hello Friends

    I am observing the alerts and discussions here and also the current political activities.Such a pity that we dont mean anything compared to those who broke the law to enter here.
    Anyways we are part of this system and have to keep fighting till we go down.
    I have a suggestion: Can we make a online petition focussing clearly on just eb provisions in the bill coming to the floor . We can make immigration voice as the sender and send to only senate judiciary committee members .
    We should also let them know that our community is closely following senate proceddings and actvities and would request to know their stand on our plight. I dont think those guys know we exist for one or second we r watching them close.Why would they talk of us if they dont know we r watching..
    we should ask them for answer:do u want us to leave now as its not possible for a eb3 indian to stay on in one job for years waiting for gc. or do u really want tohelp us out.
    i think a single petiition with thousands of signs would be better right now as time is limited. any thoughts..if u guys approve we have to work real fast on it.

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  • Becks
    01-21 06:47 PM
    This is relevant question and I feel that if recession hits US, consultancy companies may ask people go and work offshore till situation gets better. Most of big consultancy firms have projects from non-US countries so they may utilize people offshore.

    I hope situation wont get that worse. Just a thought.


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  • letstalklc
    10-06 11:50 AM
    I dont think so, never heard of that....

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  • aroranuj
    04-09 03:43 PM
    I just received an email from USCIS saying that my I-140 has been denied. I touched base with the attorney & she has not yet received any documentation from USCIS. This has been the 1st change in my status since Aug 07. My case is pending at TSC.

    Does anyone know if this is a fairly common occurance for USCIS to deny I-140 without an RFE? Any advise on what to do next?



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  • alexgeek
    03-10 07:53 PM
    I understand that you can draw circles, lines etc with the Graphics class but can you draw straight onto a panel with the stylus? As in I drag the stylus across the panel and a line appears?

    girlfriend Flower Stars Tribal Tattoo Flower Tattoo With Stars. Stars and Lilies Tattoo
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  • sodh
    07-27 06:58 PM
    This is I am assuming you have given USCIS your NJ address, every Lawyer has to have License in the State he practices, if your CA Lawyer has a License to practice in NJ you can always call him to represent you. If this helps.
    The work around would be hire a local Lawyer and let your CA lawyer brief your case to him I know it will be expensive, but it will help you in long run.

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  • jcrajput
    06-25 11:36 PM
    Thank you so much for your reply.

    04-20 10:20 AM
    My wife�s I 485 (PD Jan 2007, EB2, India & concurrent filer July 2007) application has a new soft LUD on 04/17/09. Not aware of any RFE yet.

    Contributed $ 225. Will contribute more.

    07-07 09:45 PM
    My H1-B is expiring in December 2007. I have approved I-140 now and am hoping to get 3 year H1-B extension based on my approved I-140. Do you think I can get 3 year extension even if the visa numbers for filing AOS is current? Does AC21 apply to this case? Please suggest.

    well if it is current you wont get it for 3 years, however I know AOS is unavailable, you if you apply before OCT you should be fine. once visa bulletin for OCT come out if you become current then if you file for 3 year, you will only get for 1 year

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