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  • smuggymba
    10-05 08:23 PM
    a court actually agreed with a person can work but can't be present in the US and USCIS won the case.

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  • newtoh1
    03-13 11:30 AM
    if H1 denied by current company and still he has time with wariler I797, in this case sep09, can he try apply H1 transfer to some other company ?

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  • Bolt
    04-23 12:33 PM
    1)on Feb 19 th 2008 came to US with H1B Visa stamp of Comp A having
    validity till AUG 2010
    2)Transferred VISA to Comp B by applying with in 15-20 days after
    landing into USA and got approved till Feb 2011.
    3)after working for 10months in Comp B applied for transfer to Comp C
    4)after getting receipt started working with Comp C
    5)on Jan 21,2009 acc to USCIS site RFE was issued
    6)on Apr 10,2009 Visa denied. I am still waiting for the details of the RFE and denial from my attorney?

    Q1) Am I still legal to stay,if so till how many days or am I
    already out of status?
    q2)can I still rejoin the previous employee i.e.Comp B
    q3)can Comp C able to reapply for H1B if So after how much time can it
    reapply for me?

    Please help


    until you have an I-94 u can go for an h1b transfer to another company. my suggestion is to with a premium prcessing and u will get an approval.
    i was in a situation that my previous h1b was valid until aug 18th 2008 and i went for a transfer to another company on march 24th 2008. it was pending with USCIS until march 10th 2009 and got denied. my i-94 was valid till aug 18th 2008. on march 30th 2009 i wwent for another h1b transfer thru premium processing and it got approved on apr 21st 2009. now am waitng on the i-797 wondering whether they have approved as a extension with i-94 or else consular processing.

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  • wandmaker
    11-05 08:50 PM
    Walk into near by ASC with your FP notice, explain the situation, they will be able to accomadate you for FP. I read in the forum Wednesday's are usually good for walk-ins. Good Luck!

    Dear Friends, I may be repeat the question which may asked by some one before, plz bear with me.

    we received FP notice for me and spouse (not yet for kid (<5) ) which scheduled in Nov-24 at Charlotte, NC and we moved to CA months back.

    1. do we need to call USCIS to change the location and date ?.

    2. or can we go directly to the nearest ASC and request for it , showing the FP notice ?.

    3. I have updated the address in USCIS using online AR-11 already.

    Plz share your experience/advise...

    PD : mar-2005


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  • bushman06
    11-10 08:43 AM
    It does not look good. Has been oral arguments for some time now.

    Update - �国三类职业移民法律信托基金 (

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  • naveenarjun
    02-27 01:41 PM
    I am definitely NOT counting on it..Its been while since I though about my long- lost application.

    Just thought I would post a question in the hope that someone would say the PD would advance to 2007..Just to keep me going:)


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  • pappu
    07-26 11:39 PM
    Pls do not create two threads with the same post. They have been merged now.

    Pls join your state chapter and take it forward. We really need members with zeal and great ideas. Contact core if you have any questions.

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  • waitin_toolong
    02-08 08:29 AM
    first of all EAD is not a status just a work authorization.

    If you do not get H1 transferred before you lose your job you automatically fall on to AOS pending status and I-485 keeps you legal.

    If you find an employer later to sponsor H1 ypu just file for H1 transfer and can start work using EAd and the day the H1 approval comes you move to H1. There is no need to move to H4 in the interim.

    You dont have to inform USCIS about using EAD to work. The I-9 that you file with employer takes care of that.

    If you have not completed 6 years on H1 you will not be subjected to cap


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  • morchu
    05-07 03:21 PM
    Yes. The key is that the entity remains the same. And same EIN is a proof for that. One company can have multiple valid DBAs at the same period of time (just like name aliases).

    Still it is better to check with an attorney whether a "successor of interest" petition is needed, especially if the old DBA is invalidated.

    Hi, Thanks for replying. Just verifying - is the tax number the same as employer identification number (EIN)?

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  • psaxena
    09-30 07:51 PM
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    Hello all,

    Is there any california chapter esp in Nor Cal.
    We have to unite EB3 Guys and strike hard!!!
    I have heard that next bulletin might bring breaking news for EB3I community but still we cannot keep relying on VBs.
    It is like going to Jyotish for knowing future.

    EB2 Guys, you should also help us even though if you are getting GCs faster...

    Please provide me information on California chapter. I have just joined IV.
    I believe it is high time to fight back.

    (btw if anybody wants to have vonage $24.99, please let me know. I can refer you)


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  • vikasgarg24
    07-12 10:09 AM
    I think this become a problem for USCIS. might be they have some political pressure "not to allot Visa" and I dont think they will reversed. That I say American dadagiri. Rules for others only not for them

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  • gcformeornot
    01-29 05:52 PM
    H1 would be valid/active the moment you accept employment with H1-B sponsoring employer.
    Since you haven't started working and assuming you haven't accepted the offer from the
    H1 sponsoring employer, YOU should be fine.

    Please take advise from your company attorney.

    you are wrong. I am not on H1 but I think the moment you get H1, in this case COS from H4 to H1 within few months you should have paying job. There will be problem at time of extension if no paystubs are present. Bench or not employer need to Pay H1b if he has hired one.


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  • purgan
    04-27 08:22 AM
    i don't think disability is a bar especially if you're an employee and contributing since 98. Of course, there are some health related bars, but many of those relate to communicable dieases etc. The USCIS has publications on the medically-related bars, you should check on the USCIS website for more information (search for a form I-693)

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  • LegalIndianInUSA
    09-11 03:11 PM
    Can someone suggest how I can go about getting some clarification from USCIS regarding the usage of H1 post AP (i.e. in Parolee status, can a person use H1 797 approval to work)

    Yes, there's the May 2000 interim memo (which is unfortunately not available from the USCIS website though) and even the memo is not very clear on the subject.

    I was thinking of writing to the Ombudsman and having them get this clarified. We get different opinions from different lawyers. I'd like one straight answer from the authority who's "interpretation" matters : USCIS.

    So, can IV take this forward with the Ombudsman or should I file a 7001 or something with them?



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  • morrisking
    03-09 05:15 PM

    I am working in the US on H1-B visa, and would like to start a company which would develop iphone applications which would have accompanying websites where people would register and pay a monthly service fee.

    I have read the various forums and it appears that I can be a passive investor in the company and not assume any role or work for the company even in a volunteer fashion.

    I would like to however fulfill my entrepreneurial dream and would like to take on the role on the CEO of the company. So, can I start the company in India (my country of birth) e take on the role of the CEO and then start a company over here as a passive investor and then do the leg work for expanding the business in US.

    Please advise.

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  • gcformewhen
    09-10 06:59 PM
    Thank you uscisc.

    I understand. I want to know while processing the H1B withdrawl will they look at 485 and issue EVL RFE?



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  • black_logs
    05-08 02:02 PM
    I read this quote in RD, sorry I forgot who said it!!!

    'U.S. is a big conspiracy to make you feel happy'.

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  • hebron
    12-08 01:42 AM
    My wife and I are scheduled to go for fingerprinting this month. We have a year old son and obviously we are planning to take him with us as well. Do I need to take any form of ID / birth certificate of my son (obviously he is not to be fingerprinted) but not sure what the rules are with respect to carrying infants for the interview. Anyone who has fingerprinted in a similar situation?

    We took our 17 month old daughter with us. You should not have a problem with that.

    BTW, The only problem we had was that our daughter was scared of the tough looking security guy and she started crying as soon as she saw him and we had a hard time consoling her :)

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  • gcdreamer05
    11-03 02:11 PM
    Does anyone know how receptive the ASC in Boston is to FP walk-ins? Also, is there ANY way of calling ahead of time and finding out if they accept walk-ins?

    Dont you need the FP notice to even enter that building, the guard or the cop standing will not even let you in, if you dont have the FP call for notice.

    I never heard of walk-ins :)

    04-27 11:10 AM
    Hey Congratulations Panama !

    A week's time after approval is a good estimate for receiving the cards in the mail. So expect them by April 30 :)

    05-15 08:01 PM
    This is great news- has it already been introduced in the house? What are the next steps?

    Reacent Post


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